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there's always a first time..
Monday, June 11, 2007

last thu went to glorietta & landmark just to let time pas.. had dinner there with my "brkda officemates" then, we decided to just hangout near someone else's boarding house.. i was with two girls who live near washington st. in makati so we decided to go there.. on the way we had to walk at least two blocks.. this happened during the walk..

ang swerte ko tlg timing my nagmo2tor n dumaan ang bilis tpos ang ingay ng tambucho.. maya2 huminto 8-12 meters away from us tpos yung sky n mama ksma yung anak at asawa nya gumgwa ng eksena.. eun.. prng my shooting mejo nag-aamok cya so nktingin kmi hnggng mplpit kmi s knya.. 2-3meters away from him yumuko nko yoko kc madamay kaso nakorsonadahan ako, natripan yta yung white polo ko.. lumpait s kin sby akmang prng sak2in saying. " anu?! anu tinitingin tingin m?" sinulyapan ko lng cya tpos drecho paglakad thinkin n tatantanan rin nya ko gaya ng nanghahabol n aso pag di mo pinancin ti2gil rin.. hinila ko nun ksma ko girl patabi.. tapos nun nklmps n kmi s knya.. kala ko tpos n, biglang tinadyakan ako s likod, muntik ako umalma kaso naicp ko dayo ako run dmi p tao s lbs bka imbes n umawat tumulong p dun s mamang mukang kargado.. kinabahan lng ako ng mtpos n yung lht ng yun.. hinhintay ko nga kung my memories n mgflashback kaso wala eh!!! tpos nun ngkwe2ntuhan n kmi bukas raw pl yung kutsilyo kya hinila ako nun ksma o kala ko balisong n nkretract lng eh.. this happened between 1015-10:30pm kaya guys gals & pis yngat yngat h..

nphba post ko.. :) di bale minsan lng..
God bless us all!

joel grooved on the dance floor
@ 11:32 PM

Friday, May 04, 2007

this morning I was in carriedo (near quiapo church) because I am having my orientation with EPCIB at Binondo & I decided to pass by the stalls there.. to my surprise I saw Kuya Vic (Alludovic) the patient from Estrellas, I can't be wrong.. bondat p rin cya pero pumayat n di ko n cya kinausap ntkot ako & bka d n nya ko maalala.. my ksma cyang bata, ewan kung anak or pamangkin nya.. maayos nmn hitsura nya prng mgling n.. eun.. nagulat lng tlg ko..

joel grooved on the dance floor
@ 9:46 PM

Sunday, April 22, 2007

hi pipz.. musta lans bout outing? mlmng tlga d ako mkksama eh.. anyways.. just want to share my thoughts l8ly.. ever felt the feeling that you have all the time in the world to do what you've always planned but you still can't accomplish these goals.. hirap. ewan ko.. lalng! hirap tlg pg nasanay ka magprocrastinate, buti sa work di ko na-aapply hay.. enjoy guys! d nko ngreply s emails kc d nmn ako mkksama.. ciao!

joel grooved on the dance floor
@ 9:51 PM

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

joel grooved on the dance floor
@ 10:07 PM

perks of public transpo..
Friday, March 23, 2007

1. swerte pg my sounds yun jeep, tv/sounds rin yun bus
2. faster travel time, dahil sira ulo yung mga drayber singit ng singit..
3. u meet different types of people.
a. yun mga ngmmdli, at alm mong iniicp nila n malel8 nnmn cla 2day..
b. yung mga parang ang lalim ng iniicp or mrming problema s buhay..
c. yung mga nabwi2sit s sumisiksik nilang ktbi..
d. speaking of ktbi, swerte pg cute yun ktbi mong chick
e. meryanda ang kusang la2pit syo, bad3p yang mga tuksong vendors n yn ng pugo, mani at chicharon..
f. at yung mga nkpikit n tila taimtim n ngdrsl pero mya2 sumusunod n s bwt galaw ng jeep, wg k lng sna matutuluan ng laway nila..

enjoy lng tlg ako s public transpo, kc arw2 kong ginagamit yun.. ms oobserbhn ko nga ang mga ksby ko at tyak there's a lot more that i can share with you..
s mga di p nkkalm.. sa equitable pci bank n po ak work, s my dela costa sa makati, hopefully maabsorb ak dun..

questions that have bothered me 4 so long now..
1. bkit pg bumaba n yung ktbi m, di mo maiwasan minsan n pagpagin yung inupuan nya lalo kung ganun yung ginawa ng isa mo pang ksky?
2. ang germs b ndi dumidikit s sabon/dishwashing liquid kpg nilinis mo ang yong kamay/mga plato?
3. bkit unfair ang mundo?

salamat at hnggang d2 npgtyagaan mong bshin..
hopefully in the future ms my sense n ang posts ko..

joel grooved on the dance floor
@ 9:04 PM

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

joel grooved on the dance floor
@ 7:45 PM

a home to remember.. (nang manenok ang aking... bleeep!)

2 weekends ago i stayed in my boarding home in Caloocan & i had to do my laundry there good thing a washing machine was available for my use and the clothes washing was easy. i hanged my clothes & when i realized that i need my underwears to dry quickly i decided to tansfer it to the 'sampayan' next to the gate. i left it there at 2pm of saturday & was planning to get it back by sunday am. during that sat. eve there was a hunch/instinct that tells me to check if my
underwears have already dried, well, i did not follow it. and the next morning i was surprised that my underwears were not were i left it. at first i thought that my other housemates might have kept it (isinilong na) for me. but to my disappointment my under garments are nowherwe to be found, then i started to think that it might have been stolen. i don't want to believe it, but when my housemates found out, they said that probably & possibly it might have been stolen. it was then confirmed because one of them also lost a bath towel & there were other instances in the past that they lost their clothes.. but NEVER their under garments.. no 1 can describe the feeling of losing something, moreover, you precious underwears! =D later on, when i've accepted the truth i just laugh & joke about it. maybe the burglar was thinking, "uy carter briefs! ms mgnda ata to sa walker eh.. ayos 'to hindi pa bacon! salamat po! (wid matching tingin sa langit)" hehe! sana natuwa/natawa kayo..

wish ko na lang allergic sya s mr.clean.. =p

joel grooved on the dance floor
@ 7:24 PM

Is tadi en LRT travel time
Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I. Objectives:
1. To know the approximate time/s of travel using LRT
2. To know the estimate time/s of arrival and departure from each station and how long a train stays in each ststion
3. To help commuters who utilize the LRT for travel in estimating and/or appropriating/budgeting time for LRT use during their travels

II. Materials Used:
Human Brain
Seiko Diver's watch

III. Procedures:
1. Go to a nearby LRT station. Buy a single journey ride ticket and ride the train.
2. Enter one train (Note: Be careful so that the flow of commuters will not be a hindrance to your entering of the train, push people around, if necessary.)
3. Once in the train find a seat where you can be comfortable but usually you have to stand and don't forget to hold onto the safety handrails.
4. Using the Seiko Diver's watch, time the journey and each stop at a station including the tme the door opens and closes. Subtract, add and convert seconds to minutes using the human brain.

IV. Results and Discussion:
As a result of the journey, rather the study, it was found out that:
a. it takes an approximate of 15-30mins. to get to g.puyat from monumento
b. approximate range of travel from one station to another is 1min. & 10secs. to 1min. & 30secs. with Carriedo to Central Terminal having the longest time of 1min. & 45secs.
c. estimate time in each staion ranges from 15 to 30 seconds, (this includes the door opening and closing).

V. Conclusion:
It can be concluded that commuters will have to provide at least thirty(30) minutes additional to their travel time when they will use LRT depending on the distance of the station they're coming from and going to.

VI. Recommendations:
It is recommended that a similar study be done traveling from monumento up to baclaran to develop a standard, precise and accurate travel times and not just approximations. It should be noted that the study was inspired by the fact that the researcher was travelling alone and needs to get to gil puyat in the fastest time possible. HE is also not so serious about the study and used a very unreliable not calibrated watch. This study has no scientific value whatsoever and if ever it has it would only be very minimal.

Merry Christmas to all! May we all Gain everything we ever want in the coming year to come!

joel grooved on the dance floor
@ 4:00 PM